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Thunder Action Sports BMX Stunt Show

Action packed Demo Shows & Hired stunt performers

We have the expertise to create the ultimate wow factor needed for your TV show, ad campaign or advert. We have industry leading Athletes in all sporting realms ready to deliver AWESOME to your media impact.

Demos & Stunt shows

At Urban Excel Ltd, our crew members are the elite in the country, with decades of precision moves under their belt, their job is to make death defying stunts quite simple and under complete control. We’ve the talent and ability to add the jaw dropping move you are looking for. Get in touch with us today for a quote and check out our mobile stunt show brand: Thunder Action Sports

BMX Flatland demo show belfast

We perform:

  • BMX Stunt Shows
  • Flatland BMX shows
  • Parkour Demos
  • Live Urban graffiti art Demos
We also have athlete speakers sharing inspirational stories of top athletes and their journey of success.
BMX stunt show belfast  Ireland

BMX jump show & flatland Demo

BMX jump show consists of three separate ramps, three or more elite demo athletes, a live DJ and sound system, a crowd pumping compere and spot prizes for the spectators. This show is a firm favourite of the team and the crowds who crave the death defying flips, whips and spins that we have on lock down. 30 x 8 metre event area needed.

BMX flatland is the most mesmerizing display of balance and precision manoeuvres on a BMX bike. This show is a rolling display performed in a 10 x 10 metre square by our flatland athletes accompanied by a compere and sound system with an ensemble of foot tapping beats.
Parkour Belfast

Parkour Demo

Also known as "free-running", we have the cream of the crop fronting up our parkour display team. Incredible leaps, flips, spins and acrobatics with death defying precision leave spectators in awe when our team gets going.
Graffiti Art Belfast  - Aerosol art demo

Urban Graffiti & Aerosol Art

Create a lasting legacy embodied through an epic piece of art. The Urban Art show is a superb addition to any event that wishes to embrace a visual interpretation for all to see and enjoy. Art work can be completely done by a leading Irish aerosol artist or in a group effort. Once the art is complete, it can be kept as a lasting legacy of the event!
Get professional Urban Sports training or stunts delivered for your TV show or live event. Call Urban Excel Ltd on:
0044 74901 54601

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