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Ireland's leading Urban Sports Provider

At Urban Excel Ltd, we are an enthusiast based team of industry-leading experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in demonstrating and delivering one off Taster session workshops or progressive structured coaching for BMX, Skateboarding, Parkour, Scootering and Breakdance along with our non-sporting activities, DJ and Aerosol Art.

About us

Our crew of high level athletes and sporting champions are the best at what they do and love passing their knowledge and experience on to others to enjoy the full effect of the incredible urban culture they have enjoyed themselves for decades.

We are an inclusive organisation reaching out to the young and old to come and join in on the coolest sports on the planet. We love to visit schools & Youth Organisations across Ireland to spread the news and positive vibes about urban sports, where to go, how to get into it, the physical and mental health benefits and how it has changed our lives with a hugely positive impact.
Matt Gillespie BMX

Meet our founder "Matt"

Matt is the founder of Urban Excel Ltd, along with several other well known urban sports organisations over the last 10 years such as Belfast Urban Sports, Nolimat Ltd and Ramprage. He is also the co-founder of the T13 Urban Sports facility. 
Matt is a veteran of the Irish BMX scene with just over 2 decades of progressive technical and street BMX riding under his belt. Matt has been a national and international BMX competitor for many years, showcasing raw talent grown in a home setting of little to no sporting facilities to aid his progression. 
His knowledge of all sports is vast. He is the head of our sports development and is also responsible for creating supporting infrastructure for all urban sporting divisions along side BMX. Matt has an overwhelming reputation throughout the UK for his contribution towards urban sports. Aside from the daily duties of Urban Excel Ltd, you'll find him as an international BMX competition judge, skatepark ramp builder, event compere and whatever else takes his fancy.
BMX coaching

Why choose us?

  • We have over 10 years experience delivering Urban Sports
  • Our team are high level Athletes and sporting champions
  • We're Comprehensively Insured & Manage risk exceptionally well
  • We provide Urban 'non-sporting' activities like DJ and Aerosol Art
  • We are happy and able to provide for those with disabilities
Joel Harper bmx

Joel Harper - BMX coach

Joel is at the forefront of the BMX talent coming from Irish shores. He is Demo Cpt for Thunder Action Sports and has a highly impressive bag of tricks that leaves spectators in awe with every demo performance. Joel is a highly experienced and very engaging BMX and scooter coach.
Paul Allen - Jumpni - parkour coach

Paul Allen - parkour coach

Paul Allen is at the forefront of parkour development in Northern Ireland. He is a highly skilled and trained parkour instructor and athlete.
Mikey Mcclelland bmx

Mikey Mcclelland - The lead coach

Mikey is the lead BMX coach at Urban Excel with over 20 years of active experience on a BMX Bike,  Performing, competing and now bringing his knowledge to the Coaching realm. Mikey was also the first BMX rider ever from Ireland to do the BACKFLIP!
Simon Reid bmx

Simon Reid - BMX coach

Simon is an integral member of the Thunder Action Sports Demo Show's BMX team, and has an effortless and dialed style that never fails to impress. Simon is also a highly experienced BMX and scooter coach.
Conhuir Lynn belfast

Conhuir Lynn - skateboarding coach

Conhuir Lynn has been at the forefront of progressive skateboarding in Northern Ireland and around the world for nearly 2 decades. What a man to lead the skate coaching side of the business! Conhuir is an approachable and friendly hero for thousands of skate enthusiasts around the globe, and he is a sensational coach.
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