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Traditional sports aren't your thing?

If you are looking for a fun and Challenging experience, think Urban Excel!
We have an exciting range of services to keep you actively engaged, outdoors and having fun!
 BMX - Skateboarding - Parkour - Scoot - Dance - Music - Art

Coaching workshops

Our coaching services offer the safest way to get involved in a variety of urban sporting and non-sporting activities in Belfast. We use highly skilled and trained instructors with the best quality equipment to ensure your coaching experience is fun, dynamic and progressive.

Each coaching workshop lasts a minimum of 45 minutes covering key elements to develop physical, mental and social skills whilst grasping the core fundamentals in each activity. A basic level of competency is the goal of every workshop. We even provide the safety and sporting equipment needed for each workshop, all you have to do is be there!

Urban Excel

We offer:

  • BMX coaching
  • Parkour coaching
  • Skateboarding coaching
  • Scooter coaching
  • Breakdance workshops
  • Graffiti art workshops
  • DJing workshops
cycle coaching - bmx event

BMX Coaching

Our BMX workshops focus on a fun filled coaching experience, using industry-leading experts who will focus on the key elements of bike control , essential skills and safety. Whether its a 1-2-1 lesson or group workshop for up to 12 participants at a time, we'll have you riding towards success in no time. For each workshop we provide high-quality BMX bikes,Helmets,  a skills circuit coaching set up and a challenging stream of fun filled action led by our expert coaching team.
Parkour coaching belfast

Parkour coaching

Parkour is a form of urban gymnastics and is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. We complement this fact with a bespoke set of training apparatus and matting to ensure a fun filled coaching experience. Our parkour services are led by Ireland’s finest in parkour mastery, Mr. Paul Allen, who has been leading the parkour development with us for many years now. The outcomes of the parkour coaching workshops are personal, social, physical and mental development.
skateboarding coaching belfast

Skateboarding Coaching

 Skateboarding has been around for a long time and so have our expert skate coaching team. Headed by European leaders of the sport, the skateboarding workshops focus on balance, confidence building, gaining a key understanding of the skateboarding history, and control of yourself and the board. These workshops last up to 60 minutes per group with a maximum group size of 12 at any one time. We offer 1-2-1 lessons too for those looking personal support.
Scootering lessons

Scooter coaching

One of the newest urban sports on the scene, scootering, has proven its worth as part of our coaching programme. We use the best-in-the-business to lead the coaching sessions, focusing on fun for anyone aged above 5 years old. Scooter coaching workshops focus on boosting confidence and key elements of control which leave participants best prepared to pick up, scoot and carry on having fun in future.
Breakdance workshop - Demo

Breakdance workshops

Break dance is undoubtedly an impressive skill to demonstrate and the nature of the activity itself is surrounded with positivity , good vibes and fun. Our breakdance instructors know how to get a group into the groove, busting moves like the freeze, pops and rocks on a bespoke dance floor pad with smooth urban tunes to get the group going. A popular choice for all ages and genders.
Graffiti art workshops Belfast

Graffiti & Aerosol art workshops

Think of graffiti and you might think of a messy wall that doesn't particularly catch your eye. Our graffiti contingent are on a whole other level of inspirational creativity, using aerosol cans to create bespoke pieces of art that will leave onlookers in awe. Why not create a legacy piece of art for your organisation that can include the efforts of the whole group, and finished off by one of the best known aerosol artists in Europe. This activity has proven very popular as an end of programme activity and especially for the older crowd who have lots of creativity to input into the art.
DJ workshop - Music lessons Belfast

DJ & Music workshops

Mix and blend your favourite tunes with one of Belfast’s leading resident DJs at our DJ workshop. We bring the music system, mixers, turntables and thousands of hit tracks to get a whole group grooving to the flow and beat. Very popular with the 14+ age range, and a sure hit every time with the boys impressing the girls. Our DJs are very experienced, knowledgeable and approachable to bring out the best in each young person's ability to create great music.
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